Mizzou BSU needs you.

Mizzou BSU Ministries is a donor-supported ministry. Convinced of the growing, 

on-going need for ministry on this campus and committed to faithful stewardship, the Mizzou BSU has turned to friends and alumni like you for financial support. 

Many of you answered the call to support our work, and to this, we are grateful. 

To those of you who have yet to take that first step towards becoming a donor, we'd like to encourage you to consider the impact that this ministry has had in your life and/or could have in the lives of current and future Mizzou students.

Every gift, no matter how large or small, continues to make a difference in the spiritual lives of college students.

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Donor Testimonials

  • Emily Schwieter // 2012-2016 Alumni

    "The Mizzou BSU started as my shelter from the secular worldview all around me at MU but soon became the community of believers that not only comforted me but encouraged me; they not only grew my understanding and love of Christ but challenged me to own my faith beyond the faith of my family and my legalistic perspective on religion. The BSU was a union of students that pointed me toward a union with Christ. I wouldn’t be who I am today without the relationships fostered between those walls. It wasn’t all about the programs, the retreats, or the small groups; it was about diverse people being unified in Christ."

  • Matt and Jaclyn Beaty // 2003-2008 Alumni

    "We give so the next generation of students can experience the same life-giving opportunities we did. The Mizzou BSU was a foundational aspect to an unforgettable college experience. It built our faith in a season of life where it was tested often and became the cornerstone for meeting new friends that have grown into lifelong friendships. There was never a dull moment around the BSU!

    Over a decade later, we continue to reap the benefits from the life-change and growth that took place during those years. There's no greater investment than helping younger generations know Christ. We give so that can be a reality!"

  • Dr. Joy Kaplan (April Welch) // 1994-1999 Alumni

    "After two years of BSU Missions Trip stories, April Welch signed up for Summer Missions at Warsaw Baptist Association in the summer of 1996. Little did she know she would get the 'bug,' the Missions Trip Bug. She came home to lead the Missions Team on Spring Break Missions Trips to Panama City Beach, FL, and Corpus Christie, TX. She started a Winter Break Missions Trip and began a tradition that every spare moment off-campus was filled with exciting adventures!

    God used that passion and she found a home in Missions as soon as she graduated from Mizzou in 1999. She went on to serve with NAMB, IMB, and UWM. After six different states and six different countries, she helped to plant a Bilingual Christian University in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This seed would grow to fruition so that 10 years later, those same students, faculty, staff, and community leaders were at the forefront of the Ebola outbreak. They were acting as translators for the UN and Doctors Without Borders, risking their lives going village to village to educate and vaccinate people! Who knew, that if you donate to the Missions Fund so that someone can go on a Missions Trip for the first time, you may be the catalyst that saves lives in the near future!”