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Staff & Leaders

  • Director

    David Kissinger

    David oversees everything within the BSU and speaks regularly at Weekly Worship. He is in charge of all leadership teams and works with our leaders on a daily basis to create a ministry strategy for reaching students on campus.


    Email: david@mizzoubsu.org

    Phone: 573-881-7691

  • Rene is the Operations Manager for the BSU and Vida Coffee Co., which is located inside our building. She oversees all administrative duties of the BSU and Vida.


    Email: rene@mizzoubsu.org

  • Campus Ministry Intern

    Kaylie Hawkins

    Kaylie is currently a senior studying Journalism. Some of her responsibilities include communication to students, alumni, and donors, overseeing team leaders, building relationships with students, and working directly with David to implement our overall ministry strategy.


    Email: kaylie@mizzoubsu.org

  • Worship Team Leader

    Anna Foster

    Anna is a sophomore studying English Education.

  • Outreach Team Leader

    Rebecca Golden

    Rebecca is currently a senior studying Human Development and Family Sciences. 

  • Discipleship Team Leader

    TJ Harvengt

    TJ is currently a senior studying Engineering. 

  • Fellowship Team Leader

    Moira Johnson

    Moira is a sophomore double majoring in Health Sciences and Journalism. 

  • Worship Leader

    Emily Scott

    Emily is currently a junior studying Education. 

  • Worship Leader

    Griffen Mustion

    Griffen is a sophomore studying Biomedical Engineering. 

Board of Directors

Mizzou BSU is governed by a Board of Directors that provides financial and operational oversight. Membership is made up of BSU alumni, parents and local church members. These board members have a deep love and support for the Mizzou BSU ministry.

  • Steven Sapp, '00


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  • Lori Reid Dobry, '79

    Vice President

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  • Charles Gholson


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  • Christa Wilson

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  • John Martin

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  • Doug Shull, '96

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  • Katie Smith, '16

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  • Davida Layer

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