SMall groups

Small groups are an opportunity to grow spiritually and share life experiences with members of the Mizzou BSU community. Through small groups we focus on living for Christ in ALL areas of

our lives. All of these groups are held inside our building.

Our small groups change every semester and are built around the current needs of our students. Click here to contact us with questions or to get involved in one of these groups.

  • Complacency in Christianity

    We see a vibrant, spirit-led church in the book of Acts, chapter one. In this small group, we'll look at how we as the church have strayed away from this, and what it will take from each of us to not lead a lukewarm, Christian life. 

    Tuesdays @6:45PM!

  • Obedience: Faith Without Works is Dead

    It can be one of the hardest things in our walk with Christ, to not just read about what God asks of us, but to actually do what He has asked us to do. How do we move from a knowledge of who God is into actionable obedience? We'll be walking through these ideas together and encouraging each other along the way to listen for God's voice as He prompts us to action in our daily lives. 

    Tuesdays @6:45PM!

  • Rhythms of Worship

    We'll take a deep dive into theology, liturgy, and doxology. Many of us love worship but fail to fully understand why. Together we will explore what it looks like to devote our whole lives in worship to God. 

    Wednesdays @6:30PM!

  • Building Authentic Christian Community

    The Bible gives very clear instructions on how we are to love and care for one another in Christian community. However, we cherry pick these passages and only apply them in select relationships. The radical community that Christ has called us to is our opportunity to demonstrate Christ's love to the world. 

    Wednesdays @6:30PM!

  • Growing YOUR Faith WITH Anxiety and Depression

    The isolation of anxiety and depression can make it especially difficult to grow and practice our faith. Meanwhile, the church has regularly served to be a source of shame and guilt for people who are struggling with their mental health instead of a place of safety and comfort. We want to work through the tough questions that come up as we commit our lives to following Jesus while also struggling with anxiety and depression. 

    Wednesdays @6:30PM!