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SMall groups

Small groups are an opportunity to develop spiritually and share life experiences with members of the BSU community. Through small groups we focus on living for Christ in ALL areas of our lives. 

How to read your bible

Monday @ 6pm

Reading and studying your Bible can be intimidating. It’s hard to know where to start, and you can feel lost in the layers of symbols and metaphors that the Bibles commonly uses.

Freshman Family Group

Tuesday @ 7PM

Join us for a fun, engaging small group designed to help you connect with your peers and grow in your faith as you navigate your first year of college.

Conflict in christian community

Wednesday @ 6PM

Handling conflict is tricky because in our culture our instinct is to want justice, but as followers of Christ we weren’t

given justice when we sinned against God; we were given grace. God calls us to follow his example and extend

grace when conflict arises.