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Local Churches

The Mizzou BSU is supported by many of the Columbia area's churches. These are great places to go to seek out God and build a connection to the Columbia region outside of university life. Upperclassmen enjoy relationships with many of the local churches and will gladly tell anyone of these institutions off campus. 

Mid Missouri Baptist Association

Antioch Baptist                          Centralia

Calvary Baptist                          Columbia

Korean Baptist                          Columbia

Cornerstone Baptist                 Columbia

Hartsburg Baptist                     Hartsburg

Huntsdale Baptist                     Columbia

Paris Church                              Columbia

Little Bonne Femme Baptist   Columbia

Memorial Baptist                      Columbia

Nashville Baptist                       Ashland

New Hope Baptist                     Hartsburg

New Providence Baptist          Columbia

New Salem Baptist                   Ashland

Open Heart Baptist                   Columbia

Open Door Baptist                    Columbia

Parkade Baptist                         Columbia

Prairie Grove Baptist                 Columbia

Pueblo de Dios                           Columbia

Woodcrest Chapel                     Columbia

more churches

Ashland Baptist     Ashland

First Baptist     Centralia

     First Baptist    Columbia

Hilltop Chapel    West Plains