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The BSU has four main ministry focuses with a leadership team for each of those ministries: Worship, Development, Community and Communications. Each of these teams use their unique passions, skills and talents to plan, organize and execute various events of the BSU. These teams do several jobs and a lot of behind-the-scenes work to help the BSU grow and run smoothly. 


Worship Team provides an environment for corporate worship, a time for spiritual connection, and a catalyst for community. 

Worship Team is in charge of our Weekly Worship service which includes:

  • Topics and speakers
  • Set design
  • creative elements
  • Tech recruitment and training

Led by Jesse Singleton

Email: jlsgkb@mail.missouri.edu


Development Team empowers students to actively engage in spiritual growth. 

Development Team oversees:

  • Small groups
  • Engage courses
  • Leadership development
  • Accountability
  • Discipleship, mentoring, & coaching
  • Other opportunities to foster deeper spiritual growth

Led by Christian Polovich

Email: cepwg8@mail.missouri.edu


Community Team creates a culture that is interested in relationships through fellowship, outreach, and service. 

Community Team plans and works on:

  • Spring Break Mission Trip
  • Outreach to campus and Columbia
  • Events within the BSU
  • New student contact and followup

Led by Rachael Bishop

Email: rdbvf6@mail.missouri.edu


Communications Team inspires students to engage in the activities and conversations within the BSU. 

Communications Team works with and develops:

  • BSU branding management
  • Weekly Announcements
  • Campus advertising
  • Video production
  • In-house ads and slides
  • Social media development
  • MizzouBSU.org

Led by Kaylie Hawkins

Email: knhkwd@mail.missouri.edu