Mizzou BSU Ministries has been in our current building since 1985. At the time, this property was on the edge of campus, but now we're surrounded by residence halls and dining facilities (a central hub for students). God had a plan when he placed us in this location years ago. Now, we are proud to be IN THE HEART of Mizzou. This space allows us to reach students from every corner of campus and give them a home away from home. 

We’ve recently made significant improvements to our building; some areas had not been updated since the building was first constructed. With our growing number of students, this task is more prevalent than ever. This building is an extraordinary asset that gives our staff access to students full-time without being dependent on Mizzou’s facilities. Now more than ever, students are looking for a space to feel welcome and safe. 


Our remaining, budgeted giving need from individual donors for 2020 is $56,000. 

Your support allows us to continue building our ministry... literally. We will use your donation to spread the gospel from the heart of Mizzou to the hearts of Mizzou. The BSU was home to many of you during your college years and you can help provide a similar experience to our current and future students. God is working IN THE HEART of students and we're thankful to be a part of this ministry work.