Leadership Teams

Discipleship team

Providing opportunities for students to take ownership of their faith and to continue their spiritual growth

"My favorite part is that this team is truly passionate about the spiritual growth of the BSU. We want our ministry to be able to openly have conversations about faith. We like to challenge each other, dig deeper into difficult conversations to find truth in God, and bring the ministry closer together in Christ."


–Gillian Fox, Senior

Fellowship team

Connecting students to develop intentional relationships that empower our community to support one another emotionally and spiritually

 "Fellowship provides the opportunity for connections to be created and deepened between students. It's watching the gaps between two strangers close and shift into a friendship that may not have happened if we, the fellowship team, had not created a space for it to happen. That's what I love most about being on this team. Not only do we help people make connections with each other, but we get to make them ourselves."

-Olivia Douglas, Sophomore


Communicating God's love to our fellow students while inviting them to participate in our ministry

"Outreach has grown my understanding of how awesome Jesus is and how important it is to tell people about Him. We have such a loving, generous community here and it is our responsibility to network and talk to others about how great Jesus is!"

–Hayden Mills, Sophomore

Worship team

Creating an environment for students to worship together in community and to grow deeper in relationship with God

"I enjoy being on the worship team because I get to help make the BSU a place where students can come together in a community that helps them develop and grow their relationship with God and others. I love working and brainstorming ideas on how we can serve the students and the kingdom of God. Being part of the worship team has helped me grow my skills as a leader and has definitely helped me come out of my shell."

-Salifyanji Kalengo, Junior