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Our mission & vision

Cultivating Christ followers in the heart of Mizzou for the hearts of Mizzou by creating a culture that propels hearts into a deeper relationship with Christ through: Worship, Fellowship, Outreach, and Discipleship.

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Stephanie Scott

senior, Pre-med

"I may have come for the food, but I stayed for the connections. I walked into the BSU on that first Thursday, and I immediately felt accepted, valued, and welcomed. I didn’t know anyone here, but people were so kind and open to me. People not only were taking an interest in what I was studying, but they were taking so much interest that they were trying to connect me with people who would know and understand what I was going through.

God is teaching me to believe in myself and in Him. I've come a long way since I first got here, and God is continually showing me that I am capable in carrying out His plans for me. 

This ministry is important to me because it gives me a support system. The people here are magic; I walk in the doors and immediately find a friend, no matter who is here. I have made my best relationships in college at the BSU. I know I can be myself and they will love every part of me. I can pray for people here to show my support and it isn't considered weird; in fact, it's encouraged! I love that I've found a place where we can lift each other up to God with all that we have."

DREW shattuck

sophomore, Secondary Education

"The BSU has been everything I’ve needed it to be since arriving on campus. On the night after move-in day, I attended the first Worship Night of the year, and I immediately fell in love with it all. The students I met were the most friendly and loving people I’d talked to since getting to Mizzou, the music reminded me of my church back home, and it took about five minutes of hearing David speak to know this is where I wanted to plant my roots as a freshman.

Coming to Mizzou, I was worried about finding a place to really get connected with. I was worried about finding those lifelong friendships everyone talks about that start in college. I was worried about missing home. Since finding the BSU, I’ve found something fulfilling of it all. This is my home away from home."